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I made a donation recently to one of the charity organisation and they are big by all standards with several outlets(locations) around Singapore.
It was by no means to test their system as the amount donated was by the thousands in cash. I could have donated SGD10 and still request a receipt.
Don’t ask me why I never write a cheque, but I can assure you the money is all accounted for from my keeps.

I was given a handwritten “temporary receipt” as an acknowledgment with the date and a reference number (thankfully have a reference number).
The reference number is for accountability purposes as an internal control.

I am very concerned with the following points

1. Paper and pen receipt and is even temporary (See attached)
2. No time stamp, even though there is the date written
3. There were two staff but not sure if 2 persons are always there to receive any walk-in donations
4. The signature was random and no record of who received the money
5. When it is temporary, when will it be updated to the head office?
6. I assumed they have a robust system with checks and balances
7. The document can be easily printed and how to verify its authenticity or official document?
8. Not sure if I do not ask for a receipt, would it be prepared? F&B do ask the customer to get a receipt for their purchases.

Of course, I am not assuming everyone is a crook that operates at the front end. But the opportunities to let fraud happens must be avoided or at the least, for donors like us, be assured or confident that controls are in place or no chances to abuse the system.

I would recommend the following:

a. Information must be entered into the working system immediately and the current outlet system must be connected with the head office, live.
b. Information in a. must be connected to the head office once it is saved
c. Head office staff to send and print the official receipt to the outlet printer or see point e.
This will ensure that the head office is informed of all the outlets’ collections
d. Date and time stamp to be printed on the official receipt so that can be verified against CCTV record
e. Donors must be given a choice to receive via email or printed from the outlet printer
f. Notwithstanding points a to e, no pen and paper, please.

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