Chinese Temple management Solution

We modernise your temple operation.

We have a comprehensive solution to manage your revenue and expenses with transparency, accountability and compliance reporting.

Use information technology to attract young staff to join your organization.

Suitable for most Institution of a Public Characters (IPCs) or non-profit organisations 

We start with you... We grow with you

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About Us

We are Singapore registered company, made up of a group of accountants and software developers that build solutions for management who care about internal controls and reporting compliances. We are experts in accounting processes and design of software with internal controls for backend accounting staff and financial controllers, and front-end billing and stock management for operational processes.

We also witness that many charitable organisations and temples are still using paper and pen to record their transactions. This type of organisation is far behind in modernising their operations, resulting in difficulty in employing younger teams to join them.

Our domain knowledge for Chinese temple requirements come about when we were approached in the year 2007, by a major local Chinese temple to design a front end with integration to the backend accounting system. We modified our retail POS system to include products and services billing, with an option to set placement number (serially running and unique number) which is none in the market.
We also see that many charitable organisation and temples are still using paper and pen to record their transactions and this type of organisation is neglected by technology and we want to help modernise their operations.

Their recent expansion to a bigger ground requires scaling up their workflow and transaction volumes were smooth and easy with the existing Realtimme Cloud system. Updates or upgrades are done without any disruptions to the daily operation. Our 30 years of knowledge of business workflow and internal control to meet compliance and transparency requirements make our clients confident in accountability and transparency in their reporting.