Our Solutions

Switch language user interface


  • Allow one or more station to issue invoice for services or purchased of goods
  • Strict control to prevent posted invoice from changing amount
  • Multiple payment mode with End day settlement by cashier and Supervisor

Events Setup

  • Unlimited events with single date or date range
  • Event with start date – End date
  • Pre-set number of pax per events
  • Members can book fixed placement

Membership / Devotees' Record

  • Set membership or devotee account with a start date and expiry date
  • Send reminder letter via post or mass email via sendinblue
  • Membership Name : OngTianyuan 黄天源居士,陈清清合家 

Booking (products and services)

  • Online booking of events and activities
  • Vegetarian food 

Products and services

  • Sales of product and services using point of sales computer system
  • If item require membership id or placement number, system will prompt as mandatory information

Stock with Serial number (placement)

  • Set product code and descriptions and unit price for POS sales
  • Bundled products
  • Niche with serial number
  • Vegetarian food


  • Services with serial number
  • Services without serial number

Placement Setup (part 1)

  • Niche with shelf number and bin number
  • Activity with the table number
  • Activity with placement number
  • Ancestral tablet placement

Placement Setup (part 2)

POS input with mandatory placement number

Fixed Asset Register

Quantity and cost captured in system depreciate monthly to account for value of fixed asset and where it is placed, to avoid misplaced or pilferage


Prepare your budget for 12 months of your Income and expenses against the actual amount to get the positve variance or negative variance