Thieves make off with ‘thousands’ in cash from Changi Road temple’s donation boxes

Credit : Straits Times

You have seen how the crow pick up their food by using a thin wood to stick out the food.

This is exactly what happened in the incident reported above.

This is not the first time such case happening and it is no surprise that we are going to hear more of such cases.

The weakness of the system allow perpetrators to again and again try their luck to steal. Having a CCTV is good but proven that it is not a deterrence when a person is hungry or desperate. It is more of a case of 亡羊补牢 (“We did a check of the temple for any more thieves,” )

The perpetrators could be familiar with the operation of the temple or from the look of the donation box, is an easy target with just locks and keys.
It will not be able to stop them from their attempt.

It seems that the management can only think of changing a bigger and better lock. What is most shocking is the statement from the assistant treasurer is… “The temple was unable to confirm the amount of money stolen.” Stakeholders will question…where is the accountability?

Just like Henry Ford said, you ask a carriage driver what he would like to travel faster? The  driver will say, add more horses from 3 to five horses.

A lot of chinese temples are still manage by the traditional and outdated way, either due to shortage of man power or convenience or management do not know who can assists them to modernize their operations.

For handling of cash, it is no difference to that of an F&B operation where it has to be deposited or keep in the safe after counting the amount after day end close, and to be deposited into the bank the next working day or earliest date. Some even engage Cisco to collect the daily takings if the amount is justifiable.

How to modernize by using technology and strong accounting system with proper work flow in your Chinese temple operation in order to attract younger team, building trust with your devotees and be ready when scaling up?

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Writer : Choo Hong Peng,
Chartered Accountant, Singapore
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